Have you tried finding an immigration lawyer yet? If not, then you should start looking for one as quickly as you can. There are reasons for it, and possibly each of these reasons will help you appear in Cyprus citizenship program that you had been looking to do for so many years. Finally, the big day is here and you are now free to search for an immigration lawyer who will help you with many things when it comes to settling in your desired country. It is all about securing a second passport, and your lawyer will do all he can to help you with that. It is true that acquiring another passport, also referred to as citizenship of another country, is a difficult thing to do. Their complex procedure requires things that clients often have no clue about. After all, why is it that you don’t feel the need to hire a lawyer for other things in life? However, the presence of consultants and lawyers have made immigration possible for the masses. Go back a few decades and you will find that immigration was indeed a difficult process. Still, you will have to hire the lawyer to help complete the process. Once it is done, you will have the passport of your desired country in hand. Just make sure to do the following to find a top immigration lawyer:

Check credentials

Always do some basics if you are keen on finding a reputable lawyer. This means that you will have to check the credentials of each lawyer you will find in the town. Simply put, you will be looking through things like experience, expertise, customer feedback, successful cases done to date, etc. These will help you find a lawyer who will then help you acquire the passport without much trouble.

Success rate

An interesting thing that you must do is to notice the success ratio of the lawyer you had decided to hire. Don’t go for anything less than 60% if you are looking to fancy your chances of acquiring the passport. Keep in mind that this is something you should come up by yourself. You have to take an educated decision, so you should look to hire a lawyer who had many success stories to share with you, with evidence.

Doing the above will indeed help you acquire your Malta citizenship in Dubai, just as you had planned.