You drive your car with passion and want it to be in the best shape always, which is what every driver should do. But, will you know if the brakes of your car are going bad? After all, you have been driving it for so many years? This is where the problem is – so many car owners don’t know when to have brake pad change in Dubai for some reason. Keep in mind that when the brakes of your car are going bad, you will be able to identify it by signs. These signs will begin to occur more frequently, and there will come a time when your car will literally stop responding to you applying the brakes. That’s where it becomes inevitable that the brake pad has gone bad, or totally washed out. It is also a sign that the brake assembly needs to be opened. The brake pad is mounted outside where it touches the disc and stops the car. The disc stays as is as it is pure metal, or in some cases, made from alloys. The brake pad is not metal and is often made from ceramic materials. Like all ceramics, the brake pad will wear off almost completely, and when that happens, you will have to replace it without having a second thought. Here is how you will know when to have the brake pads replaced:

Car wobbles

It is perhaps one of the earliest signs of the brake pad going wrong, but the same sign also suggests that the alignment of the car is also going off. Which one will you pay more attention to and why? Likely, you will first check the brakes and rightly so. Remember, you can control a misaligned car, but not the one that has no brakes.

Braking becomes less responsive

A more telling sign of your brake going wrong occurs when the brake begins to become less responsive. Don’t be surprised if your car is not stopping as quickly as it used to. It is evident that something is indeed wrong with the brake this time. Has the brake checked as quickly as you can and make sure not to take the car on long routes until the brake is completely checked? There is a risk involved in it, risking your life and property is by no means a great idea.

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