Landscaping is the process of modifying the features of an area or land making it more attractive and beautiful. It is an art of structurally planning the drives, the lawns, the shrubs, and flowerbeds. Its main purpose is to enhance the beauty of a building and create a joyful and calming environment.

If the interior of a house or building is decorated beautifully, but the surrounding area is not maintained, it will automatically reduce the appeal of the building. Landscaping helps maintain that beauty and gives the occupants healthy and breathtaking surroundings.

Although, landscaping does have some elements of gardening; it has now evolved into a specialized branch of architecture. It deals with the natural science of soil mechanics, hydrology and geology. In simple words, it deals with the understanding of what kind of plants can grow in what environment and their benefits to the atmosphere.

Although most of the time people remain indoors, they undeniably appreciate the beauty of nature. The sunshine, the flowers and, its fragrances, the greenery all brings a feeling of tranquility and a person feels fresh and energized. This puts a positive impact on a person and generates an optimistic feeling in them.

Landscaping in Dubai not only has an amazing effect on people, but it also brings constructive changes in the environment. A normal lawn grass lowers the temperature of your house and buildings as it is way cooler than a cement pathway or bare soil. Moreover, trees provide shade in hot climates having a cooling effect and making it bearable on a hot day.

Another great importance of plants, in general trees, is that they provide clean and fresh air to the environment by taking up carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also act as filters, separating the pollution from the water and reduce erosion of soil.

Landscape significantly improves the quality of life. It has several physical and physiological benefits. It is proven that walking on a grass maintains blood sugar and has a calming and relaxing effect on humans. This, therefore, reduces high blood pressure. It also lowers stress levels, helps clear your mind and improves your memory.

Landscapes are economically beneficial. They increase the market level of an area and attract investors and buyers easily. Including additional water features like swimming pools or artificial lakes can give a distinctive touch to it. They also require little maintenance and don’t consume much water. In short, landscapes change the standard of living in promising way.

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