Extended Vehicle Warranties For Car Owners

A car warranty, also called a general car warranty, is an agreement by the manufacturer of your car to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged components of the vehicle. It is the automaker’s warranty that whatever the vehicle’s parts are in proper working order, that all damaged parts are accounted for. Damages that are covered by a car warranty are typically required to be because of mechanical failure, faulty parts or poor workmanship. Your dealer will help you get the full benefits of a car warranty.

A Ford vehicle warranty covers not only routine maintenance repairs but also emergency services. The cost of emergency repairs is covered by your dealer from the time you purchase the vehicle until the time of delivery. Because repairs are covered in this manner, you will not need to buy an additional warranty. Of course, a separate car warranty cover is required if the vehicle is new or top of the line. The price will be more than if it was an older model.

Extended vehicle protection plan typically requires the purchase of a warranty for a specific amount of time or mileage. This type of plan generally costs more than a standard car warranty. This benefit is provided through a dealership, and it can include repairs, replacement parts, and service from a qualified and authorized auto warranty provider. With an extended auto warranty plan, your dealer can arrange for any necessary repairs before the end of the limited period of warranty.

Some Honda warranty extended plans offer the same benefits at different intervals, such as six months or a year. Check carefully before agreeing to the plan to determine what parts are covered and whether the benefits are consistent. You might think that a single visit to a mechanic will fix the problem, but you could be surprised to learn that only a part of the regular maintenance required is covered. If there is a mechanical problem, only a portion of the work will be covered.

A factory warranty can cover everything from defects in materials and workmanship to normal wear and tear. This is the usual type of warranty offered by the manufacturer. If the vehicle is financed, the extended warranty offered by the bank may pay for the repair, replacement, or both, of the parts involved in the damage caused by the collision. You will want to obtain an extended warranty that covers all of the repair cost, including labor.