Commercial Uses of Drones

Many people may be unaware that there are commercial uses for drones. They may see these flying machines as hobbyist toys or decorations, but there are a number of real and practical commercial uses for them as well. We take a look at some potential uses from a business viewpoint.

The first commercial use of drones is agriculture. Just as with any other form of aerial craft, farmers need to be able to make the most of their aerial assets. Drones are perfect for conducting aerial surveys and giving the farmer an accurate picture of what their crops are doing or even where they are in relation to each other. Using drones for inspections, as well as crop mapping and testing, will allow farmers to know exactly where to focus their efforts and increase their chances of finding healthy growing crops.

The second potential commercial use is construction industry. As the world’s population ages and more people live in apartments and have to travel to work, building inspections and drone photography is an efficient and affordable way of ensuring that construction sites are safe and free of debris and hazards. Drones for construction can also be used during routine maintenance and for inspecting various parts of the site to ensure they are in proper working order. With all the equipment and expertise necessary to complete inspections, this form of aerial photography could prove to be very useful to the construction industry. Click now to find out more uses of drones in construction industry.

Public safety is yet another field that could benefit from real-time aerial images. Many natural disasters and dangerous situations call for immediate action. In such instances, the ability to streamline the search and response process to provide immediate relief ensures that fewer innocent lives are lost and that emergency services are able to cope and provide the resources required to save lives. Using drones for public safety, especially for disaster relief and natural disaster areas, can help ensure a rapid and effective response. Drones may soon replace the manned search and rescue missions that currently focus on the location of survivors and damaged infrastructure.

Agriculture is yet another field that could see increased commercial uses of drones. As food markets and grocery stores continue to expand, the ability to monitor produce and send orders to stores and warehouses can improve efficiency and decrease labor costs. Using drones for agriculture has even been proposed by some members of the Senate and House as a solution to food shortages around the world. Drones may eventually replace traditional farmers as major players in the food market, helping to maintain food security and stabilize the food supply.