With the rapid advancement and growth in Dubai, the Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) has now reduced the duration of shooting permits for the filmmakers to help them shoot conveniently and efficiently under certain restrictions.

The guidelines regarding filming made by the government are very strict in Dubai. The Film Commission in Dubai is responsible to grant permits and filming rights in the region. Whether, it’s a movie, show or a documentary, all the filmmakers are requested to obtain a filming permit license or partner with a production company to obtain a filming permit easily.

How to get a filming permit in Dubai?

To obtain a filming permit in Dubai, it’s necessary to understand some requirements and documentation work. The list of documents includes.

1. Passport copies of the crew members

2. Script and other production details

3. List of location for film shooting

The procedure

The Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC) is responsible to issue shooting permits in Dubai and the UAE. The procedure involves the following steps. 

1. Apply Online

The applications can be made online. The DFTC has announced to approve the shooting permits within few hours but it the permit takes more than 3-4 working days to process, DFTC will let the company know about it.

2. Briefing about the Project

It’s essential to share brief details about the project or even apply for the approval of the script online to have a better understanding of the objectives, purpose, and the requirement of the film.

Even if you’re applying through a company, it’s important to include the company and the filming details, the list of equipment, and other details.

3. Confirming the project

If you’re applying through a production agency, it’s important to provide them all the necessary details and wait for the confirmation of the project.

4.  Obtaining the permit

After the completion of all the formalities, getting a shooting permit becomes easy whether you’re applying through another company or directly.

Some things to know before applying for the permit

1. The approval of the script can sometimes take more than 20 days.

2. The Filming permits are not necessarily applicable to students who are shooting films for their school projects.

3. The cost of the permit depends on the location and the duration of the shoot. Mostly, the application fee starts from 500 dirhams. The fee for private locations may charge additional fees.